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Campus life offers a unique educational experience that exposes students to new cultures, ways of life and beliefs. Student organizations offer opportunities to meet new people and to share a common goal. Wesleyan Student Government offers opportunities to serve your fellow students. On campus residential living provides access to campus resources that commuters may miss.

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Spring 2013 Intramurals

3 vs 3 Basketball

Games are Wednesday Nights in the Gym.

7 vs 7 Soccer

Games will be on the Wesleyan Soccer Field

Volleyball Open Gym

Open Gym will be available for pick-up games on Thursdays.

Contact Student Life for more information and to SIGN UP!


Chris Windsor
Assistant Dean of Students
All events are free

Ann Waggoner Fine Arts Building
Places to Go…
Ann Waggoner Fine Arts Building

The auditorium wing of this building was built in 1909 for Polytechnic Methodist Church.

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Did you know?

Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor who assists the student plan out their programs of coursework, schedule, and discuss career planning and options.

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Jay Brown
Dr. Jay Brown
Assistant Professor

"I really look forward to the start of each semester. It’s all about new students getting a new look at psychology. Most of the students in my classes are non-residential students. They’ve been in the real world, so they know why they need a diploma to get ahead. It’s my place to teach them why they came to my class."

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Contact Information

Office of Student Life
Location: Brown-Lupton Campus Center
Phone: 817-531-4872
Fax: 817-531-4432
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

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